About Us

Wedding Knot not only ties two souls but also connect their families. Every point of this gem moment is no less than a gem itself. Guru Video  not only captures every moment but also emerge every emotion beautifully picturizes them. Our enthusiastic wedding photographers and cinematography captures the moment with delicacy.


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What We Are

In the rapidly growing industry of wedding photography, we catch the eye by believing the idea and story every picture holds behind it. Started with a photography studio in India by Mr. Jitu Suthar in 2006 to increasing our branches to sumerpur,  With our team of adept photographers and videographer galvanized by art, inventiveness and inspiration we keep the faith that every celebration is exclusive and peculiar for our Patron for that we put high endeavour understanding customer needs by scrutinizing and reviewing preceding event with our valuable client. We offer tailored packages and whole vary of services at competitive worth. Our strengths embody flexibility, efficiency, delivery on time, client service and finishing to all or any parties’ gladsomeness.

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